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Gone for a Long Run! Back Soon!!

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Run Fast Eat Slow: The Best Cookbooks for Runners

I’m always looking for new recipes that I can make for my two runners. The older they get, the more foods they are willing to try (thank goodness!) so when I found the Run Fast East Slow cookbook by Olympic … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Running, Swimming & Ice Gardening!?!

*NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure at the bottom of the page for more information* The long running joke in my family is that I absolutely suck at gardening. No matter how much I want … Continue reading

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Rules are there for a Reason in High School Running

High School athletics come with a variety rules in South Carolina, and I suspect other states as well. There are rules for different part of a season such as open season, closed season, and in-season. There are rules for eligibility … Continue reading

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I’m What Age for Track and Field?!

Track season is kicking off here is South Carolina and with a new year, come new age groups for many kids. My kids run USATF meets. Running has different age rules compared to come other sports like swimming. In swimming, … Continue reading

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Top 3 Reasons Your Kids Should Run an Indoor Track Meet

This spring will be my son’s tenth season running track and my daughter’s ninth. We live in South Carolina where there is only an outdoor track and field season. Since my son wants to run in college, he decided to … Continue reading

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My Version of Farklets on the Track

Farklets are a common distance running workout. Typically, runners will do their routine warm up and then for the main set, will run a set distance while rotating through a series of hard sprints followed by easier sections. Some runners … Continue reading

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Cross Country Team Scoring Explained

Cross country meets have a different method of scoring that traditional sports. In most cases, the high score wins. But not in cross country. In cross country, the lowest score wins. At each meet, a team is composed of seven … Continue reading

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Cross Country Meet Procedures

Cross Country season is upon us and that means shorter meets and hopefully, cooler temperatures. If this is your first time having a cross country runner in the family you are in for a wild ride. Here are a few … Continue reading

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Cross-Training Days for Runners Can Be Fun

Today, I jumped back in the pool for my first swim in a long time. It’s easy to forget that cross-training can help your running but picking a few days each week to try something different is great for your … Continue reading

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