Cross Country Team Scoring Explained

Cross Country Scoring ExplainedCross country meets have a different method of scoring that traditional sports. In most cases, the high score wins. But not in cross country. In cross country, the lowest score wins. At each meet, a team is composed of seven or eight runners, depending on the meet rules. Runners not on a team compete as an individual. For each team, the top five finishers among the declared runners will score. Teams with less than five runners so not score points.

Points are assigned as a runner finishes. The winner is assigned one point, the second place runner is assigned two points. This method continues until all runners are assigned a point value. The top five runners on each team combine their points to get an overall team score.

Following is an example of cross country scoring:

Cross Country Scoring Table

As you can see by this example, Track Team A team scored 28 points (1st place), Track Team B scored 43 points (2nd place) Track Team D scored 56 points (3rd place) and Track Team F scored 97 points (4th place). In the overall results, the runners who did not score points (far right column) were not part of a team.

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