End of Week 1 – 10K Bridge Run Training

Weights_Strength DayToday on my schedule was my “Jillian” day. I love her workout video because it has a warmup, cool down and three, six-minute workout sessions. Each six-minute session has:

  • 3 minutes strength training
  • 2 minutes cardio
  • 1 minute abs

The video has three different levels too. When I first got the video it took me a month to master level one and move to level two. Now, I can do all three levels. I tend to alternate between level two and three now. I think that level two focuses more on legs and shoulders, which I need, and level three is serious core work. I’ve even worked up to using heavier weights on some of the sections.

Today, I completed Level 3! The third strength set is still pretty difficult but I really like when I finish. I think I will need the core work during the 10K. 🙂

Tomorrow is my off day, which is perfect because not only does my daughter have a swim meet in the afternoon, it is supposed to rain all day.  I’ll let you know how the Sunday run goes. I’m actually hoping for more than the planned three miles.

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