Eventful Two Weeks

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks running with the kids at their cross country practice. I’m still not nearly as fast as they are but I did finally break 11 minutes for my best one mile time. 10:59 counts, right?

The kids run Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. They started meets today and have one each of the next three Saturday’s too. Officially, my training for the half marathon doesn’t start for another two or three weeks but I’m trying to get a jump on it to make it a little easier. I told my daughter (she’s 9) that my new goal was to run as fast as she did today, in her first cross country meet. She averaged 8:30 per mile or less. I have a long way to go.

The half marathon training schedule that I have doesn’t have as much running as I thought it would. Part of me wonders if I will be able to make it 13.1 miles with as little running as the schedule lists, but then, maybe I’ll still have in tact knees if I stick to it. I’ll post my schedule next time so you can see it and let me know what you think. Until then, Happy Running!

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