Getting Back Into My Runs After a 5 Week Break

Girl runner w headphonesAt the beginning of the summer, I was doing great. Running five days per week while my daughter was at swim team practice. I felt good even though I had never run five days in a row…ever…in my life. I did it for at least a month straight. My one piece of advice though, if you want to try to bump up your running days, do it in the winter. South Carolina summers are HOT and HUMID!

After my kids finished track season and my daughter finished swim team, we took a little well-deserved (in my opinion) break from running. I did a some video workouts like I mentioned in a previous post and then I found out that I had a cyst and needed to take a longer break from exercise while it healed. No problem. I can take a break. It was even nice…at first. Then I got bored.

Today I went on my first run in about five weeks and it was fun. There is a road about one mile from our house that is typically fully covered by shade. I did my normal warmup routine then walked to the shady road, ran about 2.3 miles then walked the mile back home. Overall, I hit about 4.3 miles on my feet, which my Garmin Vivofit just loved because I recorded over 9,630 steps.

I’m going to try another short run tomorrow but longer than the 2.3 run today. As the days get a little cooler, I plan to get back into running four to five days every week. Even if I only hit 15 to 20 miles each week, I should be in good shape for the Reindeer Run 5K in December.

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