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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog, They Run, I Run. I started this blog because I grew up a swimmer. I was blessed to have two active children who love to swim and run. I am not a runner. Did you get that? I am NOT a runner. But, since my kids love to run track and wanted to run distances over the summer, I figured that I’d better learn to run.

Now, let me tell you that my son, who is 13, is awesome at track and field. He is a long sprinter competing in the 400 meter dash and this year the 400 hurdles. He also runs short hurdles and long jumps. His birthday is awful for USAT&F who calculates your age based on the age you are on December 31st of the current year. Next track and field season, he will be 14 but “technically” a 15 year old for track. Since he is young and hasn’t hit his growth spurt yet, although, I hear that it is coming, we convinced hearim to run cross-country this fall to get more endurance and strength to get ready for the 400 hurdles next season.

My daughter, who is 9, is on a year-round swim team and she runs track and field. She loves distance. I mean, loves, loves, loves it! Her “summer bucket list” included both a 1,000 yard freestyle swim and a 5 mile run. And she’s 9! She has been begging for the past few years to run cross-country so I finally gave in this year.

I started running with them this summer. The first few times were brutal! I couldn’t walk for days afterward. It was awful. I’m a little teenie, tiny bit better now, but still have a hard time. The other day, I finally ran 3 miles without stopping. I was SLOOOOOWWW but I made it. So I was inspired…..to run a half marathon. I talked to a friend that I swam with in college who is training for a full and he sent me a training plan that cross-trains running and swimming. My plan is to do this. 13.1 seems so long though.

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