How to Remove those Stuck-On Track & Field Lane Number Stickers

Remove Hip NumbersIf you are a Track and Field Parent, there is no doubt that you have dealt with those stuck-on hip numbers. Some of those hip numbers just seem to fly right off as the kids run, but never the ones my kids get! I’ve tried all kinds of things to get these sticky, slick numbers off of their uniforms but nothing worked until I found this one little secret.

If you are like me, you threw that uniform right in the washing machine without even thinking twice. And…it is now stuck on that fabric even more. In the past, I’ve sat for HOURS trying to pick those stickers off of my kid’s clothes to no avail. I’ve tried bug & tar remover. I’ve tried fingernail polish. Nothing worked. Then I tried this one little trick that I overheard at a meet…PEANUT BUTTER!

Yep, that’s right. Peanut Butter is the secret weapon to removing those stubborn hip numbers from your child’s uniform. Here’s how you do it. After you return from a meet, peanutbutter-jarcheck your child’s uniform for multiple numbers placed on top of one another. It is helpful if you can get the stack down to just one sticker. But, if not, that’s okay too.

Lay the uniform on a table or counter and smear a thin layer of peanut butter on top of the number then turn the top or shorts inside out and place a second thin layer of peanut butter on the fabric behind the number. Let the peanut butter sit on the uniform for an hour or more to allow the oils from the peanut butter to penetrate the sticker.

After the peanut butter has time to sit, gently rub the peanut butter with a clean paper towel in a smooth motion across the sticker. The peanut butter will easily roll off the fabric in clumps and the hip number will peel right off of the uniform. Continue to rub the peanut butter gently until you remove all of it from the fabric then launder as usual. It may take a couple of trips through the washing machine to get the peanut butter smell out of the uniform!

Do you have any other foolproof methods to remove those stuck-on hip numbers? I’d love to hear them in the comments. If you try the peanut butter method, let me now how it works for you.


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