How to Run with Your Child when they are Faster than You

Run Around PondsHave you ever tried to go on a fun, easy run with your kids but they are so much faster than you that they leave you in the dust almost instantly? That happens to me to a regular basis. By my calculations, my daughter is about 25% faster than me per mile. We have similar endurance so we can both run for the same amount of time without having to stop and walk but she can go farther in that time frame.

Run Loops

The easiest way to run with a much faster runner is to have them run loops around you. Choose a place with long open roads where we can see each other for a 100 to 200 yards at a time. Let the faster runners move ahead for a comfortable distance then have them turn around and run back to you. Keep running loops until you reach the end of the run. If your younger runners are not sure when to turn pick landmarks, such as every five houses or every 20 house numbers. Over time, you will each learn the best places to run the loops and make your turns.

Run Circles
Another great place to run with faster runners is around ponds baseball fields or on a track. When you are all confined to a similar small circle, it is easy to see each other and to stay close. Just don’t be shocked when your kids lap you over and over. 🙂

Run Hills
If you are really in for a punishing run, find a small hill and run laps up and down. Hills are a great place for fun runs because you can make a game out of who can complete the most laps or quickest time up the slope.

Where do you like to run with your kids or other running partners who are faster than you?

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