How to Start Running Again After a Long Break

Start Running AgainIn October, I had to take an unexpected break from running. I had surgery to remove a benign cyst that was big and just wouldn’t go away. One of the nurses suggested that I name it Lucifer because it was so mean and stubborn. Regardless of my whining that I did not want to have the surgery, my doctor convinced me that I needed to and so after a lot of complaining on my part, I finally had the procedure.

Before the surgery, I ran as much as I could and did tons of core exercises in hopes that it would make the recovery faster and easier. I had to stop exercise (except for really slow walking) for four weeks after the surgery but after everything healed I was able to go back to running. I was finally cleared to run about two weeks ago. I started slowly at first with a good mix of walking and running. I was running on a track so I started alternating with walking 200 meters then running 200 meters. The first day I only last about 10 minutes before I had to switch to just walking. Each time I exercised, it got a little better and I worked my way up to walking 400 meters then running 400 meters. After about a week and a half, I am able to run for 20 to 30 minutes with only a little bit of walking. I can tell that I am slower though…if that is really possible. I wasn’t very fast to begin with.

Here is a breakdown of my first two weeks of running:

  • Day 1: 10 minutes alternating walk 200 meters, run 200 meters. Walk 10 minutes cool down.
  • Day 2: 15 minutes alternating walk 400 meters, run 400 meters. Walk 10 minutes cool down.
  • Day 3: Sporadic running around my daughter’s cross country meet
  • Day 4: 2 mile easy run and walk mix
  • Day 5: 20 minute Farklet’s
  • Day 6: 20 minute run on hills
  • Day 7: Sporadic running around my daughter’s cross country meet
  • Day 8: 4 mile run easy
  • Day 9: 25 minute tempo run
  • Day 10: 2.8 miles easy

The moral of my story is that if you have to take a month off of exercise. Start back slowly. A month will seriously impact your speed and endurance but it will come back…eventually.

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  1. Kaiden says:

    That’s a smart way of lokiong at the world.

  2. Malini says:

    Inspiring me to get out of bed today. Thank you.

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