IOP Connector Run here we come

Girl runner w headphonesOn Saturday October 4, 2014 Piper and I are going to run the Isle of Palms Connector 5K Run. You are in the area, come run with us! This is my first official race where I get to wear a bib number. Piper has been on the track team for years so it’s nothing new to her. Last year, when she ran at the USATF JO Cross Country Nationals meet she race with over 300 girls. We thought that start was crazy. I can’t imagine what this race will be like. I assume there will be thousands of people. At least she can practice breaking out of the pack and passing people. I’m afraid that I will be in the back but I’m hoping to have a best per mile time.

Today when I ran I was just over 11 minutes per mile, which is faster than I used to run. If I could average somewhere in the 10.+ minute mile during race I’d be thrilled. Piper is hoping for close to 7 minute miles. Luckily, her friend is running too and her friend’s mom is going to wait for the girls at the finish line while I make sure that they both make it through the race ahead of me. Wish us luck and if you are around, let me know.


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