May 2016 Youth Track Meet…My Kids did Great!

Track Meet KidsAs you may know, my kids run for the local track club. My son runs for his high school but participates for the youth track club when his high school season is over. This year, his high school team was second at the state meet and the girls were state champs! Last year, the boys won and the girls were second. Hopefully, next year they can both pull out a win.

We absolutely love both the high school team and our youth team. You can’t ask for a better set of coaches, many are even volunteers, and awesome kids. I suspect that most of you who read this have the same feelings about your teams. There is just something special about runners.

Now here is where I turn into the total gushing Mom and brag about how they did this weekend.
Noah – 16 years old
110 Hurdles = 18.10 (PR of 0.23 seconds) YAY! – anyone know how to make him 3-step the whole way? When he does, that time is dropping like a rock!
400 Dash = 52.99 (PR of 2.32 seconds) YAY!
Long Jump = 5.92 meters (PR of 0.86 meters) YAY!
400 Hurdles – 1:01.91 (no PR. His best is 59.59. But, this was his last event of an 11 hour day so not too back for the circumstances)

Piper – 11 years old
1500 meter Run = 5:41.40 (PR of 8.11 seconds) YAY!
3000 meter Run = 12:39.01 (PR of 2.55 seconds) YAY!
Discus Throw = 9.92 meters (no PR but her form is looking better so I think I PR is coming soon).

I also found that my kids really like to have the Gatorade Recover Protein Shakes at meets. They may only drink one or less during the whole day but they feel a little better after a hard event if they get a little protein in them. My kids can’t stand to eat sandwiches at meets so I need drinkable protein like smoothies, which I also make and freeze the night before. You can freeze them and then when you get to the meet, take them out and let them thaw. If you know of other drinkable protein or protein chews (like gummies), please let me know.

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