My daughter had her first cross country meet of the season

Piper and her MTPC buddies.

Piper (#60) and her MTPC buddies.

My daughter had her first cross country meet of the season this past weekend. I just love cross country meets. It is fun to run from place to place and cheer as they run. Her course was 1.73 miles instead of the full 1.8 but it was a nice, flat, easy course for the first meet of the season. She ran well. She got second, but the girl who won was actually running a little slower than my daughter all summer so hopefully she will get her next time. I’m really glad that the other girl was there because I think it is better to run against more people who are not on your own training team at meets. We are beginning to learn the other kids in the state so she knows who she is up against. Her time was good. She ran about the same pace that she was running at the end of last year’s season so I hope that is a good sign. Her next race for the cross country team is on October 11th and my son’s high school is running this coming weekend on September 27th. Wish them luck!

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