My New Favorite Juice…Tart Cherry

tart-cherry-juiceI’ve mentioned before on this blog that I did not grow up running. I was a swimmer. But, do MY kids want to swim? NO. One did for a few years and other had no interest at all. So, off I go learning how to run like they do. Since I don’t have a running background, I read. I read lots of articles on running and nutrition for runners. Based on all of the articles I’ve read, we’ve tried all kinds of foods that are supposed to help runners. Spinach, arugula, butter lettuce and beets, just to name a few. Turns out that my daughter is allergic to arugula so that one is off the list. The kids don’t mind the spinach and lettuce but I got yelled at so many times for sticking beets in things…brownies…chocolate pudding…DO NOT make chocolate beet pudding! Ok, so I threw out the rest of the beets and beet juice. After the beet fiasco my son asked me to stop reading running articles. I told him okay…with my fingers crossed!

But my favorite new food is Tart Cherry Juice. Oh yeah. It tastes good. I think it tastes like drinking a cherry pie. My favorite brand is Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice. There are a bunch of tart cherry juices out there to choose from. I like the CheriBundi because they have a straight up Tart Cherry and a Black Cherry which is a mix of tart and black cherries and is a little sweeter. They also have these cool mix drinks like cherry juice with protein. I also bought the Cheribundi Cherry Lemonade Refresh…yum. There are so many ways to get your tart cherry juice each day.

Tart cherry juice has a lot of great properties that can help runners. The biggest benefit I see is that it can help your recovery time, which is especially great for us new and um, older runners who get sore after harder workouts. There are some great resources on the internet about tart cherry juice that you can read and see what you think. I’m not a doctor and I have no claim that any of this will definitely help your running. However, I have tried drinking it after long, hard runs and I do feel good later in the day and much better the next day. Do a little research yourself, and see if you want to give tart cherry juice a try.

Even though I like to drink the juice straight, my kids don’t love it like that. I usually make cherry jello for them. I use either all juice or a mix of juice and water in the jello and it really tastes great. Especially with a little whipped cream on top.

Here are three articles that I read about tart cherry juice that I found helpful:

Tart Cherries: An Endurance Superfood?

Beat Postrace Sniffles with This Juice

A growing number of elite athletes and weekend warriors are turning to Montmorency tart cherry juice as a post-exercise recovery drink

If you decide to give tart cherry juice a try, let me know how it goes. And, if you can give me some more recipe ideas to sneak it into my kids food I’m all ears!

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