Nine Days to my First 10K!

My 10K Plan Image_smallThe Cooper River Bridge Run is only 9 days away. Several weeks ago I posted my training schedule but I have to admit that it drastically changed once my daughter and I got into the thick of training and daily life. My schedule ended up more like:

Sunday: Run with my daughter’s track team
Monday: Run on the bridge – both of us
Tuesday: Jillian Michael’s video workout for me and speed class for my daughter.
Wednesday: Long run by myself. My daughter did an easy run after school.
Thursday: Jillian Michael’s video or Dancing with the Stars video (yes, it is fun…) for me and speed class for my daughter.
Friday: Easy run or workout video for me. My daughter took Friday’s off unless she needed Saturday off.
Saturday: Me – day off and my daughter went to speed class unless she went on Friday.

My longest run was 6.25 miles. At least I know I can make the run. I’m a little nervous about the fact that mile 3 is straight up the steepest slope of the bridge. It is a full mile from the base of the bridge to the top.

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