Our first 10K race is done!

Post Bridge Run picPiper and I finished our first 10K yesterday – the Cooper River Bridge Run!!!

We had a blast. There were about 33,000 people at the run. Because of the huge crowd, officials started everyone in groups about four to five minutes apart. We were in the fifth group to go so we started about 15 to20 minutes behind the elite runners. There were a bunch of kids from the Mt. Pleasant Track Club and they all ran so well it was amazing. My daughter ran a 50:31. We were so excited for her since it was her very first 10K and there were so many people to maneuver through. She already said that she wants to run again next year. If you like 10Ks, check out the Bridge Run (www.bridgerun.com) and sign up for next year.

Lessons Learned
We did learn several good lessons running in our first enormous race like this. Piper was a little nervous to start out and next year she will be much calmer because she knows what to expect. We ate mini bagels and cream cheese for breakfast and then had some energy chews right before the race, which worked out well but next year we will want to limit out fluids before the race. No guzzling coffee to get a jolt of caffeine. Maybe just an energy chew with caffeine instead for me. The less you have to pee the better…duh.

We both used our running watches which was nice to keep track of our pace since we were in a later start group and couldn’t rely on the official race clock. I also bought a new arm band for my phone so that I could listen to my music while I ran. That was great. Piper does not like to run with ear buds so she does not use music but they had live bands all along the race route so she got to hear some fun tunes along the way.

Bottom line…we are signing up again for next year!

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