Picking Events for Your Next Track Meet

Track Events for Kids_smTrack and field meets are great because they give young athletes the chance to try several different types of events. There are sprints, middle distance, and distance running events as well as a variety of jumping and throwing field events. Most youth meets are organized through teams associated either with USATF (USA Track & Field) or the (AAU) Amateur Athletic Association.

My kids competed at meets sponsored by USATF so this chart below represents the events that are available at those meets. I believe that AAU is similar or the same.

Event / Age Group 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-16 17-18
100m Dash X X X X X X
200m Dash X X X X X X
400m Dash X X X X X X
800m Run X X X X X X
1500m Run X X X X X X
3000m Run X X X X
80/100/110m Hurdles X X X X
200/400m Hurdles X X X
2000m Steeplechase X X
4x100m Relay X X X X X X
4x400m Relay X X X X X X
4x800m Relay X X X X
Long Jump X X X X X X
Triple Jump X X X
High Jump X X X X X
Pole Vault X X X
Shot Put X X X X X X
Discus Throw X X X X
Hammer Throw X X
Javelin Throw X X X X X X
Triathlon X
Pentathlon X X
Heptathlon (girls) X X
Decathlon (boys) X X

Generally, athletes that are 12 years old and younger can compete in three events and older athletes can compete in four.

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