Run Smart in Summer Heat

Weather ImageI know it is August and summer is winding down but it is just still so darn hot here in the south. This summer we’ve had ‘feels like’ temperatures around 113 degrees! Even today, at 7:30 am, the ‘feels like’ temperature was 96 degrees. Some days we were supposed to run but my daughter took one look at that temperature and said “NO WAY!”

Over the past few months, we’ve learned a few ways to make our hot, summer runs a little easier.

  1. Run in the early morning or evening.
  2. Take water or a sports drink with you and carry it while you run.
  3. Don’t overdress. Seriously, even capri pants are too hot sometimes.
  4. Slow your overall pace.
  5. Walk if you need to. Unless you are training for an important race, there is no reason you can’t take walk breaks. I do. Lots of ’em!

What tips do you have for those awful hot, summer runs?

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