Strength, Speed and Agility

Dumb Bell_cropMy daughter started taking some speed and agility classes this week. Her brother took them a few years ago and they really helped his sprinting. Now, my daughter is a distance runner but I do think that these classes will help her overall strength and coordination. She is ten years old and also swims. I don’t know why but swimmers are known as having terrible coordination. She was pretty sore after the first class but they also had her pushing a weight across the floor and doing some sort of hanging push-ups. She loved it!

She has a month until the bridge run and about eight or nine weeks until her first track meet. She also quit swimming this week. She is planning on swimming a summer league team but it is for fun and to keep in the sport. The training is not the same as year round but I hope that it is less pressure and more happy swimming. It will be interesting to see if her stroke mechanics improve from these strength classes too. I’ll let you know. She was pretty proud of herself after the first class because she was able to use the 15 pound weight they gave her for some of her exercises.

Have your runners taken any strength, speed and agility classes? Were they helpful? I’d love to hear from you.

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