Top 3 Reasons Your Kids Should Run an Indoor Track Meet

Indoor Track MeetThis spring will be my son’s tenth season running track and my daughter’s ninth. We live in South Carolina where there is only an outdoor track and field season. Since my son wants to run in college, he decided to try an indoor track meet last week because many colleges do participate in indoor meets during the wintertime.

So, just before New Year’s Eve, my son and I made the trek to Winston-Salem, North Carolina and the JDL Fast Track for him to compete in a youth meet hosted by NC United. My daughter, just having finished cross-country season, did not want to run so we left her and the Hubby home with the dog so he didn’t have to spend a couple of lonely days in the kennel.

The meet was great and very well run. I’m kind of sad that it took us ten years to try this out. Here are my top three reasons why you should take your kids to an indoor track and field meet at some point during their running career.

Reason #1:  The Weather is Great! Indoor meets have no heat, no cold, no wind and no rain. The facilities are temperature controlled and it is perfect weather for runners and spectators.

Reason #2:  The Track is Short. The JDL Fast Track is 200 meters around but some others are 300 meters. It is a great experience for runners who are thinking of competing in college to experience the track because the straight-a-ways are shorter and the curves seem tighter.

Reason #3:  New Events. Indoor meets have some different events than regular outdoor track and field meets. My son ran his very first 60 meter dash at the meet last weekend. There was also a 60 meter hurdle race and some other indoor meets have events like the 300m dash or the 1000 meter run. I think it is a great experience for runners to try new events when they have a chance.

The video below is the 60 meter dash, 15-18 boys. Noah was in Lane 2, red shirt, gray shorts. He was 2nd in the heat. 7.25 sec. Not too shabby for his first 60m ever!

Have your kids run at an indoor meet? If so, what do they (and you) love about them?

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