Write and Run Update: May 23, 2016 Week

Write Run Challenge Week Image 2This is my second week of my Write and Run Challenge. This is more of a typical week for me as far as the number of days running. I usually run four to six days per week. So, here is what I have accomplished so far:

Monday, May 23rd – Run: 2.42 (3894 meters).
Write: 672 words

Tuesday, May 24th – Run: 6.0 miles (9656 meters)
Write: 1220 words

Wednesday, May 25th – Run: 0.0 (Cross Training with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I did Level 2 today.)
Write: 199 words

Thursday, May 26th – Run 5.0 miles (8046 meters.)
Write: 205 words

Friday, May 27th – Run 0.0 miles (Day off!)
Write: 886 words (oops, that was NOT good!)

Saturday, May 28th – Run 6.0 (9656 meters)
Write: 880 words (I tried…but I fell asleep)

Sunday, May 29th – Run 5.5 (8851 meters…I’ll admit this is an estimate. My daughter made me switch watches with her because hers was about out of battery. Seems to be a theme…)
Write: 3485 words

Grand Total for Week: 40103 meters (almost 25 miles) run, 7547 words written. Maybe one word per one meter is too ambitious. I’ll keep trying.


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